About us

About us

In late 2018, the company’s founder, a young man called Henry Salmela, was working in the world’s deepest iron ore mine in Kiruna, the northern-most city in Sweden, over 1500meters beneath the earth’s surface.

It was there, deep underground in the black iron mines, that Henry conceived the idea of designing watches which would capture his dreams of the world far above him, a timeless world within the northern regions of Scandinavia, where the joyful summer days are never-ending and long winter nights enclose the natural world in serene peace, dazzled only by the magical colours of the mysterious northern lights.

Sometime later, Henry took the first step towards realising his dream and created his own company. Then, in January 2019, he sought the collaboration of a well-known local Swedish businessman, Dennis Sammelin, who was won over by Henry’s vision, designs and passion, and so became a co-founder.

The name of the brand was still not decided, however, but after extensive research and soul-searching, ‘TIDLÖS’ was discovered and secured in June 2020. TIDLÖS is the Swedish word meaning ‘timeless’, and so was the perfect reflection of Henry’s inspiration – the landscapes of northern Scandinavia, where nature is pristine and without the limitations of time or space.

Having its roots in Scandinavia, it was essential from the outset that the TIDLÖS watch would respect the spirit of all great Scandinavian designs, embodying the principles of simplicity, minimalism and functionality. 

Craftsmanship and quality were also key drivers behind the TIDLÖS story, and for this reason, we decided that all TIDLÖS watches would be ‘Swiss Made’, guaranteeing the highest of quality and craftsmanship known in the watch industry. 

Many watches are made in China these days, but we were determined to reflect not only the perfection of northern Scandinavia’s nature and landscapes in our watch designs but also to capture this perfection in the manufacture of our watches, utilising skills developed in Switzerland over centuries. In so doing, we believe we are remaining true to our mission and the meaning of our brand name, designing and producing truly ‘timeless’ watches.

We hope you have enjoyed our story and can share our pursuit of purity and simplicity inspired by the endless vistas of time and space of northern Scandinavia.