Jan Baalsrud – Commando in the Norwegian resistance.

In 1939 Jan graduated as an instrument-maker but in 1940, he went to Vestfold to fight against the German invasion. The battle was soon lost however and after escaping to Sweden, where he was convicted of espionage and expelled, he travelled to Britain via the USSR, Africa, and USA, eventually arriving in 1941 where he then joined the “Norwegian Independent Company 1”

Gunnar “Spökis” Andersson

Gunnar served as a flight mechanic during World War Two at Jämtland’s Air Flotilla F 4. It was his service there that probably game him the nickname “Spökis”, meaning “Ghost”. While there are many ideas on how he got this name, his night missions near the Norwegian border.

Folke Pudas versus Sweden.

In order to create debate and raise awareness about his plight, Folke Pudas went on a hunger strike for 3 months in 1983, lying in a hand-nailed wooden box (now famously referred to as a Puda box) on Sergels torg, in front of the Swedish Parliament.

The History of Swiss Watch Making – From Past to Present

Watches from Switzerland have a rich history in the industry. Throughout their long history, Swiss Watches have long since dominated the industry due to their expert watchmakers. Buying a Switzerland watch is easy as they’re guaranteed to last a long time. They’re also attractive and well-made. Their reputation spans centuries.No matter what has happened […]

Saving the arctic giants.

The seconds are ticking away quickly. Polar bears live in arctic regions of our planet. The northern part of these countries provides the perfect environment for these timeless and beautiful creatures to call their home. As they spend their lives in, around, and on sea ice, this species is seeing their home melt away.

Time and time again.

Time is a precious commodity that is both used to its fullest, yet wasted as equally. Every given day, we are allotted a certain amount of time. Using our time wisely is an essential part of living life to its fullest.

A world that would seem lost to the imagination.

In a world that would seem lost to the imagination, lies the Treehotel. In Northern Sweden, amongst the pine trees lies a place of relaxation, a respite from stress and the demands of life, and magic. Whether a family adventure, a relaxing break, or pure inspiration, the Treehotel is an experience that transcends time within […]