Kiruna: A town that keeps moving with the times

We often hear the phrase that we need to “move with the times”, meaning that we should keep abreast of current thinking and developments, but when we say this about the Swedish town of Kiruna, we mean it literally, that the centre of the town is physically moving, little by little, over time…keep reading to learn why and how!

Jan Baalsrud – Commando in the Norwegian resistance.

In 1939 Jan graduated as an instrument-maker but in 1940, he went to Vestfold to fight against the German invasion. The battle was soon lost however and after escaping to Sweden, where he was convicted of espionage and expelled, he travelled to Britain via the USSR, Africa, and USA, eventually arriving in 1941 where he then joined the “Norwegian Independent Company 1”

Johan Petter “JP” Johansson

 Johan Petter “JP” Johansson, born in Vårgårda, Sweden in 1853, became a prolific inventor and successful industrialist whose creativity and ingenuity can still be felt to this day.

Gunnar “Spökis” Andersson

Gunnar served as a flight mechanic during World War Two at Jämtland’s Air Flotilla F 4. It was his service there that probably game him the nickname “Spökis”, meaning “Ghost”. While there are many ideas on how he got this name, his night missions near the Norwegian border.