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OrginalSwedish for original and forerunner.

The Orginal is the first, 100% in-house designed TIDLÖS watch and as such, embodies the spirit and soul of the brand which is inextricably bound to northern Scandinavia, a land of purity, simplicity and extraordinary natural beauty.  

In this arctic region, time stands still with never-ending summer days and long winter nights which enclose the natural world in serene peace, dazzled only by the magical colours of the mysterious Northern Lights. 

The pursuit of a design that reflects this region is equalled only by our pursuit of manufacturing perfection and for this reason, all Orginal watches are “Swiss Made”, ensuring the highest quality of craftmanship known in the watch industry.  In so doing, the Orginal remains true to the TIDLÖS name and its mission to design and manufacture a truly classic, “timeless” watch.

As you would expect of a Scandinavian watch, the Orginal also expresses the simplicity, minimalism, and functionality of all great Scandinavian designs with sharp, clear, and clean lines with no fuss or unnecessary complexity.  As such, the Orginal was designed for both men and women who share the ideals of modern Scandinavian living and who seek a life that is simple and pure at its core. 

The Orginal has a 40mm stainless steel case, which is also available with a black, yellow gold and pink gold PVD finish, and houses a Swiss-made quartz movement ensuring accurate timekeeping at all times, whether on the wearer’s wrist or at rest. Minute and hour markers are bold and simple, whilst a choice of a white, blue, grey or a green dial protected by a sapphire, scratch resistant crystal provides optimal clarity and legibility. 

Maximum functionality is further ensured by a quick-release mechanism for all straps/bracelets, enabling each watch to be dressed up or down, in just a few seconds, to suit the wearer’s mood and every occasion, formal or informal.  Straps are available in an extensive range of materials including leather, rubber and NATO whilst two stainless steel bracelets, Milanese (or mesh) and linked, provide yet two further options.

Finally, the Orginal boasts a number of unique design features inspired by its birthplace, including:

  • A decorative crown – each crown has the shape of the cloudberry, a rare, highly prized orange berry which grows wild in northern Scandinavia for just a few short weeks each summer. We chose to decorate the Orginal with this natural jewel and to give it the special distinction of being placed next to the 4 o’clock marker.
  • Embellished dials – each dial is uniquely decorated with a series of concentric circles to reinforce the Arctic Circle which runs through the heart of northern Scandinavia and which represents both an important geographical and psychological frontier.
  • Quilted leather straps – inspired by the Sámi people who inhabit northern Scandinavia and whose traditional textile design often feature diamond shapes, each leather strap is diamond stitched creating a luxurious quilted appearance and texture. 
  • Coloured second hand – each dial has a second hand whose colour contrasts with the minute and hour hands. These colours are inspired by colours prevalent in the arctic region, from the bright but different whites of the snow and ice to the mesmerising swirls of blue, green, and pink of the northern lights and blackness of the winter nights.

Inspired by the endless vistas of time and space of northern Scandinavia and brought to life by centuries of Swiss craftmanship, the Orginal reminds us to keep life pure and simple and to rediscover ourselves in the present moment.

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Stainless Steel 316L / Gold PVD

Case diameter:


Case thickness:


Dial colour:


Lug width:



Scratch-resistant sapphire with anti-reflective treatment inside

Water resistance:

5 bar (50m – 165ft)


Quartz Ronda 763 (Gold plated with 5 jewels and EOL indicator)


Stainless Steel 316L Milanese / Gold PVD




All TIDLÖS watches are made to perfection by the worlds finest watchmakers in Switzerland. The quality and confidence we have in our designs and craftsmanship mean we are proud to give an industry-leading international warranty of 6-years on all our watches.


Max. wrist circumference: 23cm
Min. wrist circumference: 16cm

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Size Guide

Before purchasing your TIDLÖS watch, please ensure your wrist size falls within the suggested maximum and minimum ranges set out below by model and, where applicable, strap type.

In order to determine your wrist size, we suggest you use a flexible tape to measure in centimeters, an existing watch you know fits you well or, using the flexible tape, wrap it around your wrist where you normally wear your watch.  Make sure that the tape fits comfortably around your wrist and so is not too loose or tight.  Once you have the right position and fit, simply read off the tape the number of centimeters showing on the tape.

If you do not have a flexible measuring tape to hand, please print out the below pdf (A4 or letter-sized) and cut out the black measuring tape depicted on the right-hand side and insert a cut along the dotted line.  By wrapping this paper measuring tape around your wrist and inserting the pointed end through the cut made along the dotted line, your size in centimetres will show on the tape when you have pulled the pointed end through to the right position and fit on your wrist.




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